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Proud new Cruze owner

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Hey guys!

I just bought a 2016 Cruze this past Saturday and it's been a blast so far. Originally a huge VW guy as I've owned 20+ VWs throughout the years. Using the car to help build up my credit again as its in the can right now. Got a good deal on the Cruze with a huge rebate. I'm from Washington state, looking to return soon, but I bought the car in Louisiana, where I currently work offshore. Been lurking for the past week gathering info on suspension and wheel specs as I am just going to drop it down on some nice wheels and cruise the Cruze daily as its only an LS model. Definitely had to get rid of that dumb dealership decal first. Still new to the forums so I'm figuring out how to load photos from my iPhone lol
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Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forum and I believe you are our 2nd or 3rd GenII 2016 owner. Congratulations and we are definitely looking forward to seeing some pics! What color is it. Since the 2016 is the 2nd generation of the Cruze the 2nd Generation sections are still a work in progress but we are more than willing to answer any general question or help out where ever possible.
Wecome to the forums, put them on photobucket and it should be easier to transfer over.
Welcome to the site and congrats on your purchase - you won't regret it. Any mods in mind? A lot of good info here regarding mods in case you are thinking of doing any. Check out some of the garages and you may get some ideas. Have fun surfing around!
Welcome! Yep dealer decals and pinstripes were the first to go on mine. Then came the cruze and lt letters never looked back. :)
Welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing some photos! :)
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