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Puff of Blue Smoke from Exhaust Only After Hitting Boost

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Hey y'all, newbie here. I came here to see if I can possibly get some help from some fellow Cruze enthusiasts. I have a 2013 Cruze Eco 6MT with 77,000 miles on the clock. I have owned it since July and bought it used as the second owner with 68,000 miles on it and completely stock. Since then I have installed a Spectre short ram intake, the Trifecta Advantage tune, a catless midpipe, resonator delete, and muffler delete, and most recently a ZZP catless downpipe.

The other day I finally got the ZZP catless downpipe in and while I was in the garage I also did an oil change. The next day while driving, I went to get on the highway and mashed the throttle. I was looking in my rear view mirror and noticed when I shifted from second to third, a quick puff of blue smoke came out the moment I got back into the throttle for third gear - there was just a puff thrown out, exhaust remained clear running through the rest of third gear. This was my first notice of this. The quick puffs of blue smoke only seem to happen when I've hit high levels of boost and shift into the next gear and get back on the throttle. I don't have smoke on start up, idle, deceleration, or really on acceleration (other than the puff when I get back into the throttle on the next gear). I can't recall any smell of burning oil or even the sweet smell of burning coolant.

Car pulls well, idles well, and starts up instantly every single time. No check engine lights, gas mileage remains in the low 30s around town and low to mid 40s on the highway. Oil level doesn't noticeably drop. I'm assuming this has probably been happening for some time now, the catalytic converter was probably just masking it and now that I'm catless, this has become unmasked.

I am personally thinking either turbo seals are starting to go or I have a PCV issue. I am a little worried now as this is my daily driver, but I wanted to gather some opinions on what to consider or ideas of why this is happening.
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Do I have to remove the intake manifold to see this, or can I do it with this on the car? Also will I be hurting anything until I get this fixed, since this is my DD after all?
No. Remove the corrugated tube from the top - careful, the clip flies off into oblivion easily. Look for the orange dot in there.

I probably would've never uncovered this if I didn't install the downpipe. Blessing in disguise I guess lol
It would have showed up. I was making giant blue clouds even with a catalyst.
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