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Pulling the trigger for Retrofit Headlights

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2014 LT 1.4T

After tons of researching CT and other sources I think I am ready to pull the trigger and get my next project going.

Here is my list of things I am getting and also some items I need advise on.

Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III (D2S 4.0)
Bixenon Projectors: D2S 4.0 (Round Lens/LHD)
Ballasts/Igniters: Morimoto XB35 (35W)
D2S HID Bulbs: D2S: XB 5500K
Shroud Style: Gatling Gun
Wiring Harness: MotoControl Bixenon: H13/9008
Headlight Sealant: Black RetroRubber
Anti-Flicker Capacitor: Yes
Bulb Holders: Mini HolD2rs

I am going to order TYC Headlight Housings due to ease of separation and lack of car downtime.
20-9179-90-1 (Right)
20-9180-90-1 (Left)

Other Build Items
Dielectric Grease

Anyone use, wish they used, or recommend any of these items?
Radio Static Reducer Rings
D2S Ballast Housing Seals
Goretex Patches or Bolt-On Moisture Breather Vent?

I saw somewhere that they make a inline harness that will disable DRL power to the headlight. Does this exist or am I going to have to manually shut them off for DRL?

If you have any suggestions or concerns or anything that you want to share please let me know. This will be my first retro so any input would help.
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I haven't seen you post in a while...that might explain the verbal uummmm dump. I am not able to help as most of that means little to my pea brain.

There are a bunch of people here, as you well know, that are really into this, but usually they don't really answer me2 when I ask about headlights. Hopefully they come out of the woodwork to prove me wrong.

I may yet stop by to have a beer someday.

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Ya it has, it's been a crazy busy summer. Now that things are slowing down I need another project lol.
Your right about people not chiming in. I searched every keyword I could think of but there were only a few that popped up. I think the most recent was 2016.
I have led bulbs in now that are decent but I'm always looking for a new project.
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