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I purchased a Used 2011 Cruze LS - Automatic Transmissions with the 1.8L Engine, I test drove it and everything seemed good, the car fax was clean. But the more I drive it, it is just incredibly sluggish, it seems like I barely touch the gas and the RMP's jump up to like 3 or so, the "take-off" of the car is just god awful. Once I get going it seems much better/smoother, but the initial start off is just this standard for most cars? or is there something slightly off here

It also seems like I"m chewing through gas really quickly, for a car that gets 22 city / 34 highway, I seem like I drove a few miles and the gas tank is slowly decreasing

I feel bad because I just purchased the car, but I'm already fairly unhappy with the performance...not sure what to do, driving the car is making me nuts. I love everything else about the car outside of the performance.

I would like to congratulate you on the purchase of your new Cruze! The way it drives and performs may take some getting use to compared to previous vehicles. I would suggest that you take your vehicle into your local dealership if you feel that it is not performing properly. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns please feel free to message me.
Thank you,
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