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I don't know much about where the car came from, outside of that it had a clean carfax. My main issue is that I love everything about the car, outside of the performance, it is just so incredibly jerky and slow it drives me nuts everytime I'm in it

I don't really want to trade it in, becuase i'll end up taking a few thousand dollar hit
I THINK that you can certainly get the HISTORY of your car by having your dealer enter the VIN number into their computers and get the car's history from DAY ONE! That said, if this dealer is the one that sold you the car and lied about its history or is trying to hide something, then they'll probably tell you they can't do that. Find another dealer if that happens. I hate slimy dealers/salesmen etc.

If it's any comfort to you, my 2011 LTZ RS turbo was just a year old on Valentine's day. I have 6,700 miles on the car and it still shifts like crap! Very jerky at times. Just today it did another weird "banging/slipping" into gear pulling out of a driveway! Also, when pulling out into traffic, I NEVER know if the car is going to move OR if I have to floor it to get it to go! It's like the gas pedal and the engine are definitely NOT communicating. My 2004 Chevy Aveo is like a "jet" compared to this car! People in this forum tell me it's the "drive by wire" setup whatever that is! What was wrong with a gas pedal being connected to the engine the old fashioned way? I still say that Detroit has a way of using US as guinea pigs to test their cars. For a car that was in production in other countries for several years and supposedly tested for 4 MILLION miles, it leaves several things to be desired!
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