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Well to be thinking birds-eye-view about this, it IS an economy car, and the lower trim at that. The 1.4L Turbo is the one with more peppy torque.. Even with that, the Auto 6 speed is probably the more limiting factor on the "fun". But since there are many other factors to enjoy about the car, enjoy them! :)

I just ordered a 2012 Cruze, and will be trading in my 2003 BMW 330i for it. It's a sizeable drop in power for me, but I drove the 1.4L turbo with 6 spd Manual and it's going to be quite nice anyways. Passing power IS there, albeit less balls-to-the-wall. (haha).

From what I've been researching w/ folks in your similar situation on these forums,
1) Get the Trifecta Tune. Will definitely help your automatic shift points- but others who own the LS with Trifecta programming can better testify to that.
2) Add some parts- a nice header and freer-flowing exhaust and intake plumbing will help bring you back some snap in the performance.

With Trifecta Tuning helping you with torque and auto-transmission shifting, and some wider breathing parts in the intake/exhaust system, I think you'll see a nice difference in your car that will definitely bring back some enjoyment!

My .02
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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