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Purge Valve - Not Under Warranty?

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I have a 2013 Cruze. The purge valve has been diagnosed as bad, causing the engine to run lean. The dealer is saying the purge valve is not covered under the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty or emissions warranty. Can you tell me why a part of the powertrain would not be covered under the power train warranty?
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Most likely, the purge valve falls under the 80k mile emissions warranty. Mine is having issues too, and I'm past 80k miles, so I'll be on my own as well. They are only $20, so it's not even worth even going to the dealer for me to find out.

Not sure what your dealer means by purge valve. There's a common problem with the PCV valve that's part of the valve cover on the 1.4L engines. This disk is located on the back side of the valve cover, and if you remove the EcoTec cover, you'll see the valve and the relief port. If this has ruptured you will feel air being sucked in with the engine running. There's even some video's on the tube about it.

The other would be an actual emission valve allowing air in. This I think would be a rarity here on the form and would be part of the emissions warranty.

We do have a GM corporate customer service person on the forum that you can send a private message to. That's GM in Detroit, and they will work with your dealer to "understand" what the warranty should cover.

I know the valve cover is covered under powertrain.. And there's even a service bulletin out to check the intake manifold check valve. The emission valve I would think would be covered under the emission warranty.

Either we need more info, or you need a new dealer, or at least some help from GM Customer Care on this site. I believe their phone number is also in the manual.
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Purge valve, an emission control, is 3/36.

Not a powertrain component.

Emissions is 5/80k...different than the 3/36 bumper to bumper, and the 5/100k powertrain. It is federally mandated to be at a minimum, 5/80.
Emissions is 5/80k...different than the 3/36 bumper to bumper, and the 5/100k powertrain. It is federally mandated to be at a minimum, 5/80.
I need to know where you are getting this information......I can find nothing to support 5/80 (or even that time/mileage).

I have, because of your post, reread all the warranty provisions that I can find.

All I can find on-line is the 2015/2016. And for those, emissions is only 2/24,000 - which means the B2B overlaps it.

But if I go log into, I do show what must have started as a 8 year/80,000 mile warranty on my 2013 MY.
Looks like Cat and electronics. No purge valve.
I've seen alot of purge valves going bad at 40-60k, sticking open, sets a p0496. It is covered by 3/36 warranty, powertrain will not cover it, emissions really only covers catalytic converters up to 8/80.
Just looked it up. According to the feds, only "Major Systems" are covered under the 8/80k mile warranty. This only includes the Cat and ECM/PCM. Sorry about the confusion. I assumed the EVAP system was a "major" system.

EDIT: Just saw jblackburn's pic.

As a side note, anyone have issues with this site with IE 11? Only forum I see this with.
Charcoal canister is mounted to the firewall to the right of the ABS modulator, V-8 DeVille was the same way as other GM vehicle's were, and never was a problem until they mounted that canister back by the fuel tank to save a length of cheap hose.

Exposed to all kinds of road salt and even flooded roads or just rain puddles. Splashes all over that carbon, and can even suck water into the engine causing more problems.

Purge valve is located next to it, norrnally open until the ECU decides its time for a test. And also gets that moisture can will freeze up in the winter months generating fuel evaporative emission codes. It can't close, or debris builds up from road dust.

That is just about the dumbest place they could chose to place that canister and purge valve, and has been a constant problem ever since. Never was a problem when the canister and purge valve were mounted high on the firewall. Supra and DeVille found space of it,

Most of the time, that valve just as to be thawed out, can even be cleaned with soap and water. Replacing it with a new one doesn't help, will get dirty again.

Don't even need tools to replace it, just kind of snaps in with tiny little hoses. An 18 buck part.

This is what the underhood of the Surpa looks like, they found space for the canister, guess the engineers at Chevy could not or just tried to save a buck. And created a whole bunch of new problems.

View attachment 184234

Oh, that is not dust, Toyota's idea of a protective coating, could have used gloss instead of satin.
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Isnt the Purge Valve itself under the hood? on top of the intake manifold
Isnt the Purge Valve itself under the hood? on top of the intake manifold
Thanks for the visual!
Just had it go out on my 2012 Eco with 135,000 miles. $290 to have dealer diagnosis/replacement. Took one hour of service time after the diagnostic.
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