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Charcoal canister is mounted to the firewall to the right of the ABS modulator, V-8 DeVille was the same way as other GM vehicle's were, and never was a problem until they mounted that canister back by the fuel tank to save a length of cheap hose.

Exposed to all kinds of road salt and even flooded roads or just rain puddles. Splashes all over that carbon, and can even suck water into the engine causing more problems.

Purge valve is located next to it, norrnally open until the ECU decides its time for a test. And also gets that moisture can will freeze up in the winter months generating fuel evaporative emission codes. It can't close, or debris builds up from road dust.

That is just about the dumbest place they could chose to place that canister and purge valve, and has been a constant problem ever since. Never was a problem when the canister and purge valve were mounted high on the firewall. Supra and DeVille found space of it,

Most of the time, that valve just as to be thawed out, can even be cleaned with soap and water. Replacing it with a new one doesn't help, will get dirty again.

Don't even need tools to replace it, just kind of snaps in with tiny little hoses. An 18 buck part.

This is what the underhood of the Surpa looks like, they found space for the canister, guess the engineers at Chevy could not or just tried to save a buck. And created a whole bunch of new problems.

View attachment 184234

Oh, that is not dust, Toyota's idea of a protective coating, could have used gloss instead of satin.
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