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Not sure what your dealer means by purge valve. There's a common problem with the PCV valve that's part of the valve cover on the 1.4L engines. This disk is located on the back side of the valve cover, and if you remove the EcoTec cover, you'll see the valve and the relief port. If this has ruptured you will feel air being sucked in with the engine running. There's even some video's on the tube about it.

The other would be an actual emission valve allowing air in. This I think would be a rarity here on the form and would be part of the emissions warranty.

We do have a GM corporate customer service person on the forum that you can send a private message to. That's GM in Detroit, and they will work with your dealer to "understand" what the warranty should cover.

I know the valve cover is covered under powertrain.. And there's even a service bulletin out to check the intake manifold check valve. The emission valve I would think would be covered under the emission warranty.

Either we need more info, or you need a new dealer, or at least some help from GM Customer Care on this site. I believe their phone number is also in the manual.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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