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Did you buy just the canister or the canister with hose attached ??

I've been having the same problem and tired of dealing with the dealership witch says the problem is normal and how the car operates

Did you remove the negative battery cable first

Then unclip the sensor and hoses ??

Any help would be great
Thank you for the post I've been searching for a while on something that would fix my issue

SHOUT OUT to CRUZETALK Members the only reason my car is still on the road
I have bought three Purge flows. Not to mention a catalytic converter amongst other things.. I am still having nothing but problems and carbon buildups and it goes like it's idling rough with a miss. I've been dealing with his car for 4 years with the same problem. Start reporting these problems to GM. I am almost at the attorney general because my car hasn't been right and will not be right because it causes internal damage the dealership cannot even track the problem down they've had my car for 2 months and this is the third trip to the dealership. These cars are lemons. I got a Chevrolet Cruze 1.4 L turbo 2013 model
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