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Push start doesn't work after programming new key.

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Hello everyone! I just picked up a new key for my 2013 LTZ and when I tried to program the new fob something went wrong and now neither key will let me start the car. ( push start)

The old key fob will still let me use the remote start and door locks.
The new key fob will let me control the locks. However neither one will let me start the car when I hit the push start button.

I think I may have either unprogrammed the old key accedently, or I tripped some sort of antitheft system. Do you fine folks have any ideas of something I could try?
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I'm going to assume that the car was in some sort of lock down mode and just needed to time out.
Perhaps. I've come to realize there's a glaring security issue with the current key setup. Someone with access to the car (such as a valet) could program their key to it. In fact program all GM cars they handle to it. (There's no limit on how many cars can be programmed to the same fob.) Then steal the cars later. It doesn't matter their key doesn't work mechanically, the key fob is in the car's memory, so the thief can get the car as easily as the owner.
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