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I own a 2014 Chevy Cruze. Approximately a year after buying it new, I started it and about 15 seconds later the car shut off. I restarted it and it started fine but the stabilizer service light was on. However that cleared itself after turning the car off and restarting again. Then last week I started the car and after a few seconds it turned off. This time it didnt restart. Half an hour later we were able to get it restarted. Once again the stabilizer service light went on, but cleared when the car was turned off and turned back on.
We took the car to a dealer on Saturday as still under warranty. They said that there was a dead battery cell (as the voltage on start up was 11.8), so they replaced the battery. We were then told if the voltage again went down to 11.8 bring it back.
In the mean time we have access to a scanner that checks for codes and we checked to see if any codes came up as we thought it odd the battery would be no good at only being 2years old. The codes U0100, as well as U0164 came up in history.
Three days later had the same issue with the voltage at 11.8 on start up so we took it to another dealer (as the first dealer said there was nothing wrong with that, even though on Saturday they said there was a problem with that) and also mentioned about the codes.
They ran the scanner as well and said that there is nothing they can do with the codes as they are in history. They also said that those codes could have come when they disconnected the battery? But because the codes are in history they dont know why they came up and cant do anything about it. Yet they say that when you restart the car, those codes will go into now I am very confused as how will they ever figure out the problem if the codes will always go into history?
And is it proper for the car to start up with a voltage of 11.8 as long as it quickly goes up to 14?

Hey CFB,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this concern and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our team would be more than happy to reach out to your dealership for more information on your vehicle situation and to assist with setting an appointment to have these concerns addressed. If you would like to proceed, please send a private message with your full contact information, VIN, current mileage, and the name of your preferred certified Chevrolet dealership. Feel free to include any questions that you may have in your message. We are always glad to be of assistance.

Cecil J.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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