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Question about service received by dealer.

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I took my 2012 Cruze to the delaer for three reasons. 1. It wouldn't blow warm air when the temp control was turned all the way up. They found the thermostat housing was leaking and repaired it so I have warm air again. 2. I've had my trunk pop open and I didn't know it until I saw it was open or someone told me. Through the forum I learned the fix is a reprogram for a 2 sec push on the key fob. I told the service rep about it. The stated problem on the service order was "cust states trunk won't latch and keeps popping open insp and advise". Their fix was opened and closed trunk numerous times. could find nothing wrong adjustment is fine. Is the dealer obligated to do a reprogram under warranty or can they do it if they want to since there isn't a recall on it. Is it covered under warranty? What would you request to have it done? 3. The rubber around the driver's door opening on the body has a 3 inch hole in it where it's been rubbed by people getting in and out. They said it was not covered under warranty. I would like some type of reason why it wouldn't be covered? It took 3.5 hours for them to get through these issues.
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The thermostat replacement takes about an hour. They mis-understood the trunk issue and need to readdress it. I've never heard of the door seal rubber wearing a hole in it. The only thing I can think of for this is someone snagged and tore it, which while not covered under the B2B warranty (wear items and "accident damage") a good dealership would have done so anyway.
As stated, rub through of the door seal is abnormal wear.....I've seen it before caused by folks dragging their backside against it while entering/exiting......this is not a warranteeable defect in material or workmanship.

When the writer wrote the work order, you are normally asked to sign it before leaving. If you did, that means you agree the repair order stated your concern (trunk opening) correctly.
The mechanic can only look into what the repair order says is the customer this case, it has caused a comeback and incorrect service attempt.

So, in the future, make certain to proofread the repair order before signing and leaving......yes, the reprogram is covered under warranty and likely would have been done had the repair order stated your concern correctly.....

Sure ain't the first remote entry I ever had before the Cruze, with practically ever other one, had to hold any of the buttons down for two seconds before anything would happen. Cruze operates instantly! One bump on any switch, either the doors are unlocked or the trunk pops open.

Not a reprogram, but the trunk relay in the upper IP fuse panel is replaced with a new one. My dealer never heard about this either, but was insistent. Said I would plug it in myself, and by doing so, got to keep the old relay.

It does decrease the odds of opening the trunk, more unlikely to get two inadvertent switch bumps a second apart But sure doesn't cure the problem if the unlock button is accidentally depressed. Anti-thief outside of a flat bed truck should prevent someone from stealing your Cruze, but when you walk out, may find all of your goodies were taken.

If they had any brains, would have changed the remote to prevent this for all the buttons. Maybe a two shot relay for the door unlock relay would be the next step. Saw on the invoice wanted 88 bucks for this two shot relay, quite a bit for a buck and a half relay.
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Oh, I did have my driver's side window weather strip replaced under warranty, but not until I took the service manager by the hand to show him on other Cruze's did not have a quarter inch gap in the weather strip like mine did. But don't feel they would have replaced it if I hit it with my chain saw.

In taking my first service manager by the hand to show him other 2012 Cruze's had plated rear disc calipers that were not a pile of rust, this didn't work. But did work with the second dealer. A GM rep recommended I go to a second dealer, surprised I didn't think of this myself. But she did call the second dealer first, maybe this helped.

Ha, remember in my younger days, got into a brand new car, mine, with a screwdriver in my back pocket. I don't do this anymore. Left one big heck of a hole in the seat cover.
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