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I took my 2012 Cruze to the delaer for three reasons. 1. It wouldn't blow warm air when the temp control was turned all the way up. They found the thermostat housing was leaking and repaired it so I have warm air again. 2. I've had my trunk pop open and I didn't know it until I saw it was open or someone told me. Through the forum I learned the fix is a reprogram for a 2 sec push on the key fob. I told the service rep about it. The stated problem on the service order was "cust states trunk won't latch and keeps popping open insp and advise". Their fix was opened and closed trunk numerous times. could find nothing wrong adjustment is fine. Is the dealer obligated to do a reprogram under warranty or can they do it if they want to since there isn't a recall on it. Is it covered under warranty? What would you request to have it done? 3. The rubber around the driver's door opening on the body has a 3 inch hole in it where it's been rubbed by people getting in and out. They said it was not covered under warranty. I would like some type of reason why it wouldn't be covered? It took 3.5 hours for them to get through these issues.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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