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question on a leak

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hey guys, new to the forum....I have a question....I have a leak coming from middle of the car...maybe front middle>? not sure but its dark....and it does not leak all the time....but I have noticed that when I drive the car a sits overnight and when I get ready to go to wk. the next morning I notice.....but when I come home from wk....that stain on the ground is I imagining this?? help....thx....
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If you pull your car forward, get out and dip your index finger in it, if your finger has water on it then it's condensation, I run the a.c. in mine and it compensates all night too, if it's a greenish or a yellowish color it's coolant, red ish is transmission fluid, and if it has a smell it could be windshield wash fluid

Sounds like condensation because of location/color you describe, levels are fine, and you only notice it when parked and the stain goes away during day, when sun is given chance to evaporate the water

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OEM Dex-Cool is orange.

I wonder if it might be something oozing out of one of the half-shafts.
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