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question on a leak

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hey guys, new to the forum....I have a question....I have a leak coming from middle of the car...maybe front middle>? not sure but its dark....and it does not leak all the time....but I have noticed that when I drive the car a sits overnight and when I get ready to go to wk. the next morning I notice.....but when I come home from wk....that stain on the ground is I imagining this?? help....thx....
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I put my finger in it this morning looked black a little sticky....but then again....I had a old car that leaked oil there for 2 years and never cleaned the concrete.....****....not sure...I wonder if u put water in a old oil stained concrete...will it look like the car has been leaking?

if the car was leaking oil or coolant...would any warning lights come on?
Put a piece of cardboard down when you park for the night. CEL (warning lights) won't necessarily come on.

Check back after the cardboard thing, might help isolate your leaking fluid from road gunk already present on your parking spot.
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