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Question on modding the front bumper

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Hey all, I am playing on modifying my front bumper fairly drastically.

first off I want to remove the center bar (same paint as the car) where the chevy bowtie is, as well as remove all chrome to black it out. I than want to make custom fog light mounts to hold in 2 6" light bars. I want to get a custom blacked out grille that is more open rather than the current plastic one that has a very small hole for air intake (I am going to get a bigger turbo and need more air to get into the intercooler) and finally I want to remove the small lips in the bottom opening to allow a larger light bar be placed there (my car is going to be very bright :p )

Now my question is.... Can I cut into the existing bumper to accompany what I want to do, or will that ruin the structure in anyway? I only ask because it is either this, or I find someone who can do some custom fabricating and complete make me a new bumper. (this will be done eventually, as I want a wider front end for larger tires) but in the mean time would it work to just get a zip cut and other tools to just make what I have to?....

Thanks all.