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questions about removing the 7'' touch screen and going aftermarket on a 2016

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i have a friend that is waiting for the arrival of his 16 cruze. i put a fully aftermarket stereo in his last vehicle that he wants to put in the cruze. the speakers, amps, and subs i am not worried about... the head unit, however, worries me. he says it has a 7'' touch screen in the dash. now, i have seen alot of these newer vehicles that you literally control almost everything from the OEM touch screen (heat, cool, heated seats, ect...). he is dead set on putting in an aftermarket head unit. so, i did some research. i cannot find any info on 16s. 2011-15 i can find harness and dash kits, but nothing for a 16. are they that much different?

what are you're opinions on removing the OEM head unit on installing an aftermarket? either way, the front and rear speakers will be replaced, subs, and 2 amps will be installed. if i keep the oem head unit, he will just have to buy a line converter (which i know isnt the best, but i have used them and they serve their purpose)
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The '16 Limited is the same as the '15, the new '16 Cruze is different
Yeah, unless it's a 16 limited, you won't be able to find anything yet. The 16 has a brand new dash, so the kit will be different.
do you guys know what the speaker sizes are on a 16?
my guess would be if it's the bose system it maybe the same as the buick verano but the head unit I believe is diff. on the gen 2 cruze.
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