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Rack and Pinion noise when steering wheel is turned back and forth

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I have a 2011 Cruze LTZ RS. I noticed this AM that the rack and pinion makes a clicking noise when I turn the wheel back and forth. At first I though it was a bad CV Joint. But, the noise is present regardless if the car is moving or not. I don't know what it could be.. I can feel the click when I touch the tie rod or even the control arm. This is only apparent on the left side. I had the rack and pinion replaced a few months ago under the GM factory recall.

Could I possibly have another "bad" rack?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Craig Lambert
Phoenix, AZ
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The rack was replaced because it was "sticking" when driven a long distance in a straight line, like on the freeway. The ENTIRE rack was replaced, which cured the aforementioned. What I am experiencing is new as of today.

I can email a video of the noise if you want to send me your email address or email me a [email protected].. I tried to upload here. But, I receive a message stating it's too large.. It's 10 seconds long.

A Youtube link will work. Or send it to me and I'll throw it on my YT account. Shoot me a PM if you want to go that route.

I would suspect tie rods or something before the rack itself.
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