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Radiator leak: Help Identifying

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Hello all.

I came up on 81k miles on my 2014 1.4lt auto trans cruze, and noticed a few days ago that my radiator fan was coming on very loud for about 20 seconds or so, in 2 min intervals (only at idle). I went to investigate, and at both cold at hot checks, the coolant reservoir was empty. (Engine never overheated, ever)

I know the dexcool we have is lifetime, so i checked pressure cap (all good) and then assumed a leak. I know this was probably pointless, but i flushed the system and put more dexcool in until the appropriate level. While flushing, i noticed this above the petcock, a leak :(. Can anyone identify or know if im covered under 100k/5yr?

Note: after flushing and refilling, the radiator fan is back to normal! (So thermostat is fine) And nothing is dripping, this is more of a slow seep.

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Actually, I have this leak as well. I've ignored it because I can't see a visible drop in coolant level in 3 months.

To those asking location, that's the lower right side of the radiator, viewable past a grill in the splash shield normally. It looks like it's leaking out at the connection there, though I haven't taken any time to really investigate it.
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