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Radiator leak: Help Identifying

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Hello all.

I came up on 81k miles on my 2014 1.4lt auto trans cruze, and noticed a few days ago that my radiator fan was coming on very loud for about 20 seconds or so, in 2 min intervals (only at idle). I went to investigate, and at both cold at hot checks, the coolant reservoir was empty. (Engine never overheated, ever)

I know the dexcool we have is lifetime, so i checked pressure cap (all good) and then assumed a leak. I know this was probably pointless, but i flushed the system and put more dexcool in until the appropriate level. While flushing, i noticed this above the petcock, a leak :(. Can anyone identify or know if im covered under 100k/5yr?

Note: after flushing and refilling, the radiator fan is back to normal! (So thermostat is fine) And nothing is dripping, this is more of a slow seep.

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The things that tend to leak are the water pump and the plastic water outlet (a "tree" of hose connections). It's located just to the right of the engine oil fill cap. See if it's leaking from there and then running down something.

Off hand, I don't recall anyone reporting having a radiator go out (yet), and with several cars 3 years ahead of yours, it would seem unlikely that you're the first.
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