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So I know there are a multiple posts about problems with the radio and it cutting in and out, blinking on and off, etc., but most of those that I've read also include problems with dash lights, power steering, stabilitrak, etc. On my '12 ECO 6M it is Just the radio, and fairly infrequent, once or twice every 3-4 days. When it happens, it blinks on and off rapidly and tries to reset, acting like it's a loose power cable or ground. Has anyone had this problem where it's just the radio? Could this be the negative battery cable? I'm inclined to say not since it's not affecting anything else. I have a dealer appt next week for oil change, but they want $120 just as a minimum charge to start looking for the problem. And they're telling me there are no TSBs that apply. I'm hoping there is just a ground wire that can be tightened or cleaned up - any thoughts??
Yes there is a TSB for the Cable, They just replaced mine.
Also a TSB for the Valve cover.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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