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Radio Controls Stopped Working

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I bought my 2012 Cruze new in 2012, and last summer I ran into a strange issue with the radio controls in my vehicle. For a week or so the radio controls would flicker on and off, sometimes staying on for several minutes, others just briefly. After that week the controls completely stopped working (they do not illuminate at night, no response to any buttons). My air conditioning and heat still work, along with traction control and shifter. The radio itself is stuck on, but fortunately the steering wheel controls work so I can mute, adjust the volume, and switch between my presets.

I checked the fuse in the interior fuse panel, there are no burnt out fuses. I removed the bezel and the control panel and the wires were all in tact (not burned, not obviously frayed). I picked up a new radio control panel from the dealership, but it wasn't being detected either. I traced the connection in the harness back to the radio unit itself and everything was connected properly. I'm not sure what went wrong, but the dealership said it likely isn't covered under my extended warranty and quoted me a minimum of $280 for diagnostics (2 hours minimum at $140/hr shop rate). Has anyone else experienced issues with the radio controls dying out of the blue? I believe all the updates have been applied to the software, and the other controls seem to work just fine.
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