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Radio does not come on

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Please I need help.
Why isn't my radio coming on when I switch on the ignition to on? I have checked the fuses, they look OK.

Formerly before now, each time the radio is put on, the AUX light comes on.
Now, nothing even shows on the screen, and no sound coming from the radio.

Is there a burnt out fuse somewhere, or what?

What could be the problem, and how do I solve it?

Thanks for the reply guys.
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Cruze, if it is a Cruze, has an eight year history now, also this is a worldwide board, several different radio options, helps to know what you have.
Just like the answer in your other thread by ChevyGuy, we need to know the model, year, country of origin and possibly other information in order to help.
Been repairing car radios for years, ha, even going to a drug store with a vacuum tube tester. vibrator contacts would get dirty. GM self tuning radios needed clock oil with that drive motor, and all those individual tuning coils.

GM was using that Class A power transistor for years, regardless of the volume, would draw 5 amps. Dumped this in favor of integrated circuit power amplifiers, lots more power output, would only draw less than a half an amp, and up to close to two amps at full power.

With the new stuff, can't do anything, phased locked loop, entire front end is in one chip. If you get a small crack in these touch screens, no way to repair them. Just a small multilayer PCB boad, can't even remove components. One trick that is used when buying IC's is to switch the pin outputs and put your own stock number on it. Impossible to purchase a replacement chip. In the trashcan it goes.

Could get a replacement radio for les then a hundred bucks, but these new radios are part of the programming, data, link, and alarm system. Manufacturing cost is around 35 bucks, but a replacement is well over 700 bucks.

GPS chips are made by the the billions, the power supply in these aftermarket units cost more than these, but yet they want a small fortune for factory GPS, and nail us to the wall for map updates. Radio already has the case and the power supply, cost less than a buck to add GPS.

Best bet is to find a used one on ebay, if this is the problem, with connectivity problems in my Cruze, the radio was the first thing to go. Nothing wrong with it, just the voltage going to it.
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