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I too have been having the same problems. I think the Cruzes are LEMONS!!!!!!! I was stranded with my little boy five hours away from home. Car would not crank and the Chevrolet place here in my town just replaced my battery due to it cracked and was putting off a terrible odor (liked to killed us the smell was so bad), According to the service department (who was even complaining about the smell) its a wonder the battery did not blow up. My radio randomly switches to AUX on its own. The service anti theft light comes on, service air bag keeps coming on, the service traction control light comes on. SO MANY PROBLEMS wish I would have gotten something else. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet in Tallahassee is giving Dale Jr. a bad name with their service men. You have to double check behind them I have found where they charged my warranty for something that wasn't even done. I threatened to call my warranty people and tell them and of course they start stuttering and say I don't know how that happened bring it back in and we will do it...REALLY??? I bought this car for fuel reasons as the sticker that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet had on the window said 42 MPG. THEY LIED, LIED, LIED I get 28MPG and I don't drive crazy. I am just really displeased with my car. If I were Dale Jr. I would make Rick Hendrix take my name of the Tallahassee dealership as it is going to bring his name down.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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