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My 2012 has experienced a variety of weird electrical issues recently. My radio display blinks on & off. Service warnings for the Stability Trac & Theft Deterrent System have displayed. The power steering seemed to go off once. Two nights ago my car completely died. No electrical power whatsoever. I jumped the battery & power was restored. It seemed to be restored too quickly for a bad battery. I took the car to the dealership yesterday & they could not get any of the problems to replicate and could find nothing wrong. They called it a "head scratcher" and I took the car home. Today the radio started going & on off again. When I parked & shut the car off, it completely died again. I tried to jump the battery again & could not get power restored. It has been towed back to the dealership again. I've seen a few other posts with similar problems. Did anyone get a definitive diagnosis on what causes these problems? Is it a battery issue or something worse? Of course I am about 5,000 miles past the warranty so I'm hoping I'm not totally screwed!
I purchased my 2012 Cruze in Oct. 2013 with 35,000 miles and the flashing lights, etc. problem began in March 2014. I actively participated in the thread unique for the radio off/on problem. Finally, the day came when I started the car and entire dashboard looked like a Christmas tree and stayed like that all the way to the dealer's service center. I did as one of the posts suggested and kept the engine running so the mechanics could see it as well. Turns out they still couldn't locate the cause and were advised by GM tech assist to replace the fuse box. That worked as now I had more electrical response than when I bought the car. Then this month the new problem shows up: anti-theft deterrent kicks in, shutting down all electrical and not letting me remove the key. Tuns out I was starting the car THE OLD-SCHOOL WAY. I was told that instead of turning the key just enough until the engine engages (as I had been doing for decades in my older vehicles).....turn it hard as far as it will go and hold it there a millisecond. Tech. Asst. told me there are four computers that need to sequentially communicate and my quick-start was preventing them from fulling engaging, thus alerting the system to shut everything down.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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