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Radio, Stability Trac, Power Steering, Theft Deterrent System Issues

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My 2012 has experienced a variety of weird electrical issues recently. My radio display blinks on & off. Service warnings for the Stability Trac & Theft Deterrent System have displayed. The power steering seemed to go off once. Two nights ago my car completely died. No electrical power whatsoever. I jumped the battery & power was restored. It seemed to be restored too quickly for a bad battery. I took the car to the dealership yesterday & they could not get any of the problems to replicate and could find nothing wrong. They called it a "head scratcher" and I took the car home. Today the radio started going & on off again. When I parked & shut the car off, it completely died again. I tried to jump the battery again & could not get power restored. It has been towed back to the dealership again. I've seen a few other posts with similar problems. Did anyone get a definitive diagnosis on what causes these problems? Is it a battery issue or something worse? Of course I am about 5,000 miles past the warranty so I'm hoping I'm not totally screwed!