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I found an older thread where someone else had this issue, but there wasn't a solution so I thought I'd ask it here.

I have a 2017 Sedan LT.. Factory everything. When I switch between an FM station and a Sirius/XM station, the XM stations are all at least 40-50% louder than the Radio.. I have the Auto volume turned off, so it's not that..

Has anyone had this issue and is there a solution? Do I need to update the software? Is there a place to download updates to transfer with USB?


I have a 2017 LT Sedan also (Factory stock) with the same problem. I usually listen to XM 50’s/60’s with volume between 18-20. When switched to FM I have to increase volume to 26-28. First time I experienced this I was listening to one of my favorite 60’s song on the oldies FM station with the volume really turned up, then when I switched back to the XM 60’s station I got sound blasted. ? My IPhone has the same problem too. Volume on radio has to be increased quite a bit even though it’s in the USB port with phone volume all the way up. Don’t know if this is a normal problem with the radio or if there is a fix.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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