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A lot of our parts are better quality, like our valve springs, pistons, etc. I don't sell ported intake manifolds because I don't see it as a limiter if you don't do it. Our GTX turbo makes WAY more power than comperable turbos and is a brand new turbo, we don't start with a used/busted core like the other guys do. I don't sell water/meth because I think E85 is a much better choice. It's safer and more reliable than meth injection. The only reason to go meth is if you don't have E85 near you.

BNR tunes are the most powerful, most custom tunes you can buy for these. We've had a ton of people switch to us from other tuners and never look back. Plus with BNR its $550 one time and you get unlimited retunes as long as you own the car. Everyone else, VTuner included, charges $125+ per retune.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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