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ran rough now engine light on

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Hello, hoping someone can help. I have a 2012 Eco with almost 80 thousand miles on and yesterday I was going up a hill and it wanted to shake and almost die on me gave it a lil gas and it evened out but the service engine light came on after awhile it went off. Then on my way home it did it again ran rough and now engine light won't go off. And I believe we are off warranty. I think this car is a lemon back at 50k they had to replace the tranny and now something with the engine??? Help has anyone had this happen???
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Get the code read - based on the symptoms I suspect you'll see P0171 Bank One Lean. The symptoms are the classic case of the PCV Valve failing, which is covered under the Power Train warranty.

Also, due to the mileage ask your service advisor to check the Intake Manifold per PIP197B. There is a pressure check valve in the intake manifold that has been disappearing into the intake manifold and causing the PCV valves to go bad.

Now about the transmission - I'm assuming you have a manual and not an automatic. If so I wouldn't be surprised if your transmission failed due to under-filling the transmission fluid. Chevrolet USA increased the fluid level specification about a year ago because they were replacing too many transmissions. The new fill specification is what the GM/Vaxhaull folks determined several years ago to be the correct fill for this transmission. While you have your car in for the Check Engine Light go ahead and have your transmission fluid replaced. This should be done every 40-45K miles in any case even though the 2012 Owners manual doesn't request it. If your dealership will use fluid you bring in Private Message XtremeRevolution here on CruzeTalk and order three quarts of AMSOil Synchromesh. It's cheaper than the GM fluid and works far better.

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