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Rare USB and SD card are not working

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Dear All,

I need your help as I have been using the rare USB port and the SD card to play movies for the rare screen until few days back, where suddenly those outlets are not working anymore and not functioning at all.
Can anyone help me on knowing how to solve this problem.

Thank you,
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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you've been having issues.

What year and trim level is your Cruze?
IP is from Oman, one of the gulf states, if that helps anyone in the diagnosis.
I have Tahoe 2016
I didn't think any Cruze supported this interface. Have you tried using Google or another search engine (I prefer DuckDuckGo) to see if anyone else has experienced the same or similar issue and been able to resolve it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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