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Rate/Rant about your dealership here!

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Since i see a lot of posts of how bad service a dealership has OR how awesome a dealership has treated them. Lets have a thread of how your dealership treated you..


Name of Dealership
Location (City, State)
and a summary of how good or bad they treated you.

That way people can just search ONE thread before they go buy or service their cruze, and with such a large community that we have built, i am sure it will be intensive!

I shall start

Maroone of West Dade
Miami, FL

I have nothing but good things to say about this dealership, the service people are great, and provide shuttle that can take you anywhere (such as work or a mall). The sales person that treated me was very easy going and understanding, and not once did he ever try to up sell me a better trim of the Cruze. They had my Cruze that same night, they transfered it from Ft. Lauderdale and had my Cruze cleaned and detailed at 10 PM at night, we all wanted to leave but the salesmen insisted on us staying...

Only thing is i wanted the LTZ 18in on my Cruze and the salesman told me no, so i could save money lol... Now thats honest, i was even willing to pay for it.

Your turn, knock yourselves out!
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Bill Black Chevrolet
Greensboro, NC

We've bought 2 vehicles there (2010 Equinox LTZ & most recently my 2012 Cruze LTZ).

They honored my supplier pricing, no questions asked. Ordered each vehicle and kept us up to date on the status of our orders, and
promptly called once the vehicle(s) were in.

All our service has been performed there with no issues whatsoever.


Terry LaBonte Chevrolet
Greensboro, NC

Wouldn't honor supplier pricing on our purchase of the 2010 Equinox, even when we were going to merely place an order for one since they didn't have one on the lot like we wanted.
I do realize that dealerships do NOT have to honor supplier pricing, and I can understand that since at the time Equinox's were flying off the lot....but we were wanting to ORDER one.
That's a sale in the bag for them.....

Needless to say, I didn't even fool with Terry LaBonte Chevrolet when it came time to order my Cruze!
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Bobs Stall Chevrolet
La Mesa, CA

The Sales Department was great. They are the only chevy dealership in SD area that excepts the NavyFed auto buying program. I got a good deal. Got my 6 yr 72k mile bumper to bumper warrenty discounted lke $500 so it would fit the amount that I got approved for navy fed plus a few other discounts then didnt even finance through navy fed. hehe... I've only take my car to service once so far and it was to get the Illuminated door sill installed. Well the Dealer told me it would take 3 hrs... needless to say i called them 3 hrs later and then they told me it wouldn't be until the next morning to finish. They told me their tech were not experienced in installing these... Well I could'nt do that cause of my work schedule.... So I picked up my car and took the parts and have still yet to install them my self(no time atm). They do have a shuttle service that will take you anywhere(within limits. lol) free vouchers for cappachino or coffee, donunts and fruit in their waiting area. Atmosphere over all is good. But I haven't had alot of experience with them yet.
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Ed Bozarth Park Meadows, Lone Tree, CO. Outstanding sales and service for Chevy. They didn't try to sell me a vehicle with options I didn't want. My salesman actually went down to Colorado Springs to pick up my Cruze from Daniels Long Chevy (from whom I would never purchase a car). My cruze had paint damage when it was picked up and Daniels Long Chevy had lost both the second key and owners manual. Ed Bozarth repaired the paint damage and ordered the key and manual for me. When I told the finance manager I had a USAA check he didn't waste my time trying to talk me into dealer financing. It was the fastest I have ever been through a dealership finance department.

Alpine (Pontiac) Buick GMC, Lakewood, CO. If you have a Pontiac in Denver take it there for service. I would have given their sales department a shot for my Cruze except for the fact that GM won't allow a non-Chevy dealer to sell new Chevys.
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Ed Bozarth Park Meadows, Lone Tree, CO. Outstanding sales and service for Chevy. They didn't try to sell me a vehicle with options I didn't want.
That is what impressed me too, usually they try for you to get a better option, and feed all the "you might as well do it, its nice to have, its very useful" crap. Not a word from my Dealer :)
Normally don't do stuff like this on a public board, may be liable. But have nothing but good things to say about Wayne Gross at Gross Motors in Neillsville, WI, known his dad for 40 years. Don't think he will sue me for that. Will refrain my mentioning dealers in my neck of the woods for service, wouldn't even trust them to replace a windshield wiper blade. But still go there for competitive quotes.

One thing for sure, even in north central WI, no shortage of Chevy dealers. So do have quite a choice.
It is not in any way illegal, or anything, there are websites with reviews of every store, dealer, and restuarant around the world. (I.E. type in an address of a place in Google maps, and along with where it is, there are reviews)
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It is not in any way illegal, or anything, there are websites with reviews of every store, dealer, and restuarant around the world. (I.E. type in an address of a place in Google maps, and along with where it is, there are reviews)
Precisely. I like also making people aware of bad experiences so they don't have those same bad experiences.

I used Bill Jacobs Chevrolet in Joliet, IL

Two thumbs up. Great service, great sales. Couldn't ask for more.
Yup, for example, when i bought my Camry at Kendall Toyota, they had to fix an AC problem and SOMEHOW broke the horn on the car, and said it was already that way...

Really? Cause i live in Miami and use my horn all day pretty much...
Thank you for all the feedback on the dealerships. It is good to hear the good experiences that you have had. I would just like to say if you would ever want to file a complaint with a dealership please feel free to contact me.
~Stacy Chevrolet Customer Service
It is not in any way illegal, or anything, there are websites with reviews of every store, dealer, and restuarant around the world. (I.E. type in an address of a place in Google maps, and along with where it is, there are reviews)
Well its true that its not illegal to talk about your experiences. It is however to slander someone or a business. So if you downright lie about it to others, you can be held liable.

I bought mine from Crews Chevrolet in North Charleston, SC though. Honestly while the salesman was a nice, pleasant guy, he was not very knowledgeable about the car at all. I asked whether the car had shutters that closed on the highway and he said no, only the new Malibus did. When I did a test drive, he didn't know how to put the car in reverse. I finally figured it out since I wasn't familiar with cars that require you to pullup on the shifter base to put it into reverse. When we were looking for what I wanted, they tried to get me to buy an RS after I made it clear from the start I wanted an Eco. He even wrote down what I said the first time but still pitched me models that weren't even an Eco much less the color and options I wanted.

After being firm we finally found a car I wanted. However I said I wanted foglights and was told that the car he found had them. Turned out it didn't (which I did know before signing the papers). I let that go because I rarely use them anyway. When it came down to purchase time I did get them to work with me for a deal I was satisfied with.

In the end though, all car salesman are sharks and will try to get you to buy the highest priced model they can.
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Dealer-Vande Hey Brantmier Chilton Wisconsin. Sales Consultant Ed Engelman. I'm so glad I found this dealer for the purchase of my new Cruze. After shopping several dealerships for a Cruze I found these people very refreshing to deal with. One thing that I'm always impressed with is when both the dealership and the salesman call to see how everything is going and if I need anything that they are there to help. It reminded me of why I like buying and owning Chevrolet.
I purchased our Cruze out of town and began having problems with car not cranking. I carried it to the local dealership, Allison Chevrolet. They have worked on it 4 times in a period of about 6 months. The last time my wife picked it up, the service man told her " If you have any more trouble with it, you may want to take it somewhere else. We have done all we can with it" Where is the service I expect from a Chevy dealer!
Freeway Chevy in Chandler, AZ.

Good: not lot of price haggling. Salesman was able to intelligently compare the Cruze and Sonic for me and didn't try to upsell me to an LTZ when I described my driving style and needs. Finance guy was very straightforward and no-BS.

Bad: They got me on that useless POS Karr security add-on (my fault as I thought it offered more than the factory unit). Service department flat-out refused to consider doing a steering wheel swap; haven't used them for anything else but I have a couple of issues that need addressed, so we'll see how that goes.

Overall, I wasn't scrod as badly as I was expecting. How sad is it when one's scale of satisfaction tops out at "At least they didn't hurt me"? I'll probably go back to Freeway if I decide to trade my LS for an Eco-D in 2014.
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Paddock Chevrolet
Buffalo, NY
~My salesman was approximately the same age as me (early 20's) & very knowledgeable about the Cruze... or at least he talked a good game anyways lol! He answered all of my questions and everything went smoothly. I decided on base LS with no add-ons and he didn't try to force more on me. I price haggled a bit though and we got to a fair number, left with my car same day, actually 2 hours later! (sparkling with only 3 miles on it :)) He even assisted me with getting an insurance policy since I'm new to the driving scene. Overall, it was a great experience and I felt that I was treated with respect... unlike the ford dealership across town I visited before Paddock.
Fred Beans Chevrolet
Doylestown, PA

Bought my Black Granite Metallic ECO 6M from Fred Beans Chevrolet as it was a USAA buying service dealer. Bought the car in June of 2011. Excellent experience, Larry Storm was my sales person. Got a great deal between USAA rebate and discount and GM dollars and Pontiac loyalty incentive. Larry got me the car I wanted at a great price and had it delivered to my driveway.
Since this thread has gone stale, instead of posting about our dealerships here, how about posting in the appropriate thread how well they did, especially if it was a good job. Name the dealership and location. This gives the good dealerships free advertising and other CT members in the same area who are having problems with their dealerships will know there is a nearby dealership that is good. The only way to eliminate the bad apples in this case is to simply not use them.
suburban chevrolet of stuart. Stuart, FL
great salesman got a great deal on a 2011 LTZ about 2 weeks before the 2012's (i told him i knew they were coming so he lowered the price, thanks CT haha) service is great i have gone in for oil changes and a recall. they offer a complimentary shuttle service and their coffee isnt to bad haha.
Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, MI. I must say that the whole experience has been a positive one. I was used to imports and have been more than impressed at how far things have come.
Maroone Chevy in fort Lauderdale is amazing. Great customer service. Friendly staff. In fact I am sitting in their lobby right now getting service and am still happy :).

on the other hand before I bought my cruze at Maroone I tried to buy at Lou bachrodt Chevy in coral springs. I had an awful experiance that almost kept me from buying a Chevy all together.
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