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re 2014 Cruze diesel with issues

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I recently got my eyes on a 2014 Cruze diesel with 200,000km on it, it has starting issues, from what I understand from its owner it has some electrical issues, sometimes starts but it shuts down. Body seems in pretty good shape, I'm pretty sure there are some engine codes, I can probably shake hands for roughly 2 grand but it's a gambling game. Any thoughts are welcome.
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thanks but not the same, diesels to gassers are like horses to chickens, quite a big difference ;)
Very true, I would try in the forum for diesel then: Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
thanks, I think it's more like a general question, just wanted to see different opinions of what that vehicle is worth in that condition, it might be something very simple to fix (eg. EGR valve is known to be an issue if it's not starting or it starts but shuts down after a while on its own) or could be more complicated the HP diesel pump going bad (new pump ranges from $500 to $1500).
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okay, so I was able to pull the following codes:
U0284 - some kind of communication issue with front grill shutters I believe
P0103 - MAF code
P2510 - something about ignition relay is open or shorted and the engine may not start or shut down.
P0000 - that's a weird one, haven't seen this before
P069E - faulty fuel pump controller or PCM
6(or P)013F - couldn't find what this is

...and the following messages in the DTC:
-Exhaust fluid quality poor
-Speed limited to 6km/hr
-See owner's manual
-Service side detection system

Engine doesn't turn, when I put the key in engine on position I can hear the fuel pump humming, it means the fuel pump is running. Haven't check the fuses and/or relays. Starter could be bad as well. Engine seems pretty clean, I can't see any oil leaks so far.
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