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Read my plugs!!!

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Ok, I have never pulled a set of plugs with deposits like this... never on any vehicle I have ever owned, and I have had plenty dirt bikes, go karts, cars trucks, vans, tractors, lawn mowers... you name it.

Background on my car.

2014 1LT manual, 60,000 miles. oil changes every 7000 miles, car uses about a 1qt of oil between changes. Car gets great mileage 36+ mpg. No coolant loss. I run regular 87octane fuel, Car has had the PVC recall in the last 6 months

Reason for plug change: I noticed a stumble,hesitation on lugging accelerations. Did some Google-fu and found the plug change thread here on CT.

Da plugs!

right to left cylinders 1,2,3,4. Additionally #3 plug was loose, like zero breakaway torque.
Spark plug Auto part Automotive ignition part Automotive engine part Suspension part

So burning oil?

I would have assumed all the plugs would look like the #2 plug?

Anyone have any insight?
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Do you regularly use any fuel additives? These can cause the grey ash seen on the plugs.

After 60k miles they are due for replacing anyways, but it is interesting how the cylinder #2 plug looks so good still.
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