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Really High RPM's, Almost Refuses to Shift..Also Many Other Issues! Help!

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So let me try to explain my troubles...
I got my 2011 Chevy Cruze LT 1.4 Turbo back in January of 2014, so I've had it a little over 2 years at this point. I originally wasn't going to get another chevy because of the problems I had with my 2003 Chevy Malibu (Anti-Theft System preventing me from driving, which was recalled 6 months after I got rid of the car, so needless to say I was mad:angry:). However, the dealership offered me the deal of a lifetime for a car that had only 15,300 miles on it, and as part time working/full time college student, I couldn't pass it up. Anyway, my Cruze only has 33,200 miles on it, and already I've experienced so many issues.

Ill start with the brake issue. From what I understand, there was a small batch of Cruzes made in an Ohio factory that had a serious issue and recall with a "power brake vacuum pipe", in which they claimed "you can still stop the car, you just need to exert extra pressure". I am calling bullshit because every single time upon a cold start up, I will push my brakes down to the floor, only for them to feel jammed with my car STILL ROLLING. I told my family about the issue, in which they made me bring the car back because they SWORE up and down that my car already had the fix done. So Chevy says they can't recreate the problem, and the mechanic gives me a look because he thinks I am just another bimbo woman who doesn't understand cars:cussing:. In any case, my boyfriend borrowed my car one day, only to drive back one minute later, freaked out that he almost couldn't stop in time and almost caused an accident. He knows I already had it looked at, and is now concerned for my safety.

Other minor things: I brought it in about a year ago because my trunk wouldn't open, they said I was 2 DAYS out of warranty, and made me pay $140 to fix the faulty part that wasn't even MY FAULT. Good Job on telling me that I was out of warranty AFTER you had already fixed it.
Also: recently, especially in these cold winter months, my car's heat will be set on the highest it can go, especially since I try to remote start it quite often to prevent the cold-start brakes issue that's apparently non-existent. Anyway, I get in my car after its been remote started and is running, turn my key into the ON position and NO air blows out of ANY of my vents until I turn the car off and turn it back on. Then today, I encountered an issue where any semblance of hot air refuses to come out of my vents until I turn the fans on and off multiple times. I'm sick of the lag, and quite frankly, sick of this car.

FINALLY, I've been encountering issues with the car sputtering upon start. It basically trudges along when I step on the gas petal, however, the RPM's go up between 3,500-4,000 when shifting into first, second, and maybe even third gear. Once I'm driving at a faster pace, like a highway, i's usually better. But once I stop at a stop sign or a traffic light, it takes forever for it to shift and I hold my breath as it tacks up to 4,000 RPM's. I've read horror stories about Cruzes who have had transmission failure at 40,000, and I'm terrified that I will have a similar situation here. Considering the customer service I've had with Chevy, and the awful posts I've seen from people who are having the same issue, I don't have any hopes of this being resolved. I really love my little car, but honestly I'm at wits end here. Let me know if anyone has had a problem similar with any solution....Thanks!
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1) There's a recall out for 1.4T/automatic Cruzes where they're supposed to replace the vacuum pump switch for the brake booster. If your car is exhibiting these symptoms and the dealer refuses to look at it, try to find another dealer that will...and reference this, which is for exactly the scenario you outline (cold starts, no brakes):

2) Try changing the transmission fluid. That said, a 2011 Cruze I drove, brand new, exhibted much the same behavior, and I was NOWHERE near flooring the thing. Terrible automatic shift programming in the 2011's that was revised for later years. There may be a transmission software update for it.
Thank you so much! Yeah I plan on printing out all of the information and taking it to a different dealer. The place that I bought it from swore up and down that it had already been fixed and that they legally couldn't sell it to me otherwise, but I am yet to see any documentation on that.
As for the transmission fluid, that's one of the first things I checked, which is saddening and frustrating. I was hoping they could do some type of computer update to fix it, but I'm not getting my hopes too high.
Thanks for your suggestions though! :grin:
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