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Rear brake squeak?

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2011 cruze eco, 60k miles on.
Recently both the front and the rear brakes started squeaking.
I replaced the front pads, but they had 1/3rd more life on them.
Changed them to ceramic brakes, they had a better stopping power and grip (bite).

From what I understood, is that the brake pads themselves were ok, but should I have known, I could have just replaced the front (disc) brake pad hardware (the 2 little metal plates that hold the brake shoe).
It would have helped with the squeaking noises.

I wonder if there's a small adjustment i need to do for my rear brakes as well (they're drum brakes)?

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Did you use any grease on the pins and the tabs of the pads that come in contact with the hardware kit?
Have you tried adjusting your rears yet? First, by stepping on them good and hard in reverse 4-5 times, then if that doesn't do much by taking the wheel and drum off and manually advancing the adjuster.
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I haven't touched them yet, but I notice that the squeak is significantly bigger on hot days.
On cold days I barely hear it.
It's only when the wheels are cold.
Perhaps it's time to open them up.. I just don't have the time for it :(
A squeak from drums on the first few stops as they age is normal.
The only thing that cause rear brakes to squeal is teh brake dust. PUll drums and brake cleaner everything. Be a good idea to pull the adjuster off also. Clean it and lube.

Brake squeal is usually a front brake problem. Usually in the summer time when things can get hotter then winter time. There's also wear indicators and that might have been your front brake squeal. If our's has indicators. I"m assuming it does. I just hit 3k miles so i haven't had to look at em yet. Sometimes them indicators sit closer then they should be. And start squealing with 1/3 or less material.
After cleaning, is it normal that the squeak is back within a month or two or three?
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