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Rear defroster / defogger turns off to soon

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Hello all,

Has anyone experienced their rear defroster / defogger turns off before the frost has been removed? The manual states that it'll run for about 10 mins, then turn off on its own. If you turn it on again, it says it will stay on for only 5 mins. I've timed mine and it only stays on for 6 mins the FIRST time and 3 mins afterwards. Does anyone know if their is a TSB or a way to keep the rear defroster on for longer? Wish they would leave me to control that function, not the computer. Rrr. Very frustrating on the cold days (Ya Canada) when I can't see out the back.
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I didn't keep my digital copy of the Cruze OM, but I recall this was detailed there. I know it's detailed in the OM for my car. Ab0ve 32 degrees F, it's 10 - 30 minutes based on the outside teperature. Below 32 degrees, it stays on until you turn it or the car off.
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