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Rear diffuser

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Hey guys just had a question about adding the holden rear diffuser to my car. I have a 2013 Cruze 1LT with the RS package. Would i have to change my rear bumper to the non RS package one to make this work?
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I've been looking at the same thing and believe you would have to get the non-RS bumper for those diffusers to work

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Yes this is true, only the models without RS package would work. As of right now there is still no body packages to add onto the RS . Im looking for a nice front lip for my rs .......hopefully something comes out soon. A
I thought so... Thanks for the responses. I may look into getting the non RS bumper or waiting til something comes out. I wanted to avoid any unnecessary cutting of my current parts anyway to do my mods
I will gladly take that RS bumper off of your hands if needed. ;)
i would probably keep the RS bumper because i have a thing about keeping my factory parts.
The Holden rear bumper is entirely different than the Daewoo/Chevrolet bumper.

You cannot swap in the diffuser from the SRi-V. When I inquired for a price I was told $1500 AUD shipped to the US.
i have a friend who has a diffuser that looks like the holden one. i could be wrong if it is the same one the only thing is his only has the single exhaust
this is what i was looking to do minus the spoiler. I dont know if anyone knows what diffuser this is but i like the look of the LED tail lights and the quad tips Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Full-size car
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Oh ok i see what you mean. its wider on the Holden
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See what you like here and then mod to fit !
If anyone in the toronto area wants an RS rear bumper DM me i am currently looking for a rear LS bumper . Thanks !
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