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Rear License Plate 2017 Cruze paint rub

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Just installed the rear license plate on our daughter's new 2017 Cruze Premier. I noticed that the plate is tight against the rear of the trunk lid and I suspect the plate will rub into the paint and eventually rub to the metal and then of course start a rust stain. I got 4 rubber grommets and placed the grommets between the plate and the car. Luckily the factory license plate bolts are really long and are able to still secure the plate tight while passing through the grommets. Anyone who plans to keep their Cruze for a while and does not want a rust stain, might want to check theirs and do the same. So far really impressed with the Cruze, it rides very well and is very quiet inside. Look forward to learning and sharing as this journey continues.
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Make sure you either use grease on the whole length of the bolts, if using the factory bolts, or better buy the stainless steel ones.
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