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Rear Seat cup holders?

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Hey guys,

I just picked up my '11 ECO and it doesn't have cup holders in the rear seat. I test drove an LT and an Auto ECO and i thought they both had them. When this 6-speed showed up on the lot, they are missing! This isn't good with my two boys sitting in the back on the long haul trips. Any sugestions other than autozone universal cup holders on the floor?
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Am i missing something? Because I had the rear cup holders, but no head rest on the center seat in my 2012 LS.
Odd that GM made so many production changes like that? I have a 2011 LS and it has the the rear cup holders, and it does have a head rest(or little non retractable bump) on the center seat Go figure! Maybe someone on the assembly line was still a little hung over and picked various seat backs when installing or maybe they ran out and said hey lets try these Eco seats! Didn't really matter to them, they fit! Who would notice or say anything about a headrest. LOL
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