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Rear Seat Drink Holder?

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My wife has a 17 Cruze and we need a drink holder of some kind for the back seat.

Anyone found a kind they like?
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Get yourself a trunk monkey! They can hold everything and then when you get a little road rage, you can unleash them to handle the problem! :RantExplode:
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Was gonna say that myself, but the OP didn't mention the trim level.
Guess we are back to the rent a kid or trunk monkey options then...:signlol:
So, jcountry, what trim option you running? I like others thought that they all had the flip down center rear console. You might try Ebay or scour the local salvage yards for a rear seat back for an LT?
Could always go with the old '70s and '80s door hanger version, if you can find one, but the seat back armrest version is the cleanest look, if you have the $.
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1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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