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Rear Seat Drink Holder?

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My wife has a 17 Cruze and we need a drink holder of some kind for the back seat.

Anyone found a kind they like?
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The one that comes standard works pretty good from what I can see...

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I'm gonna feel like an ass if it turns out that it doesn't come in LS models, I just assumed it was standard equipment. :-?
If you know someone handy with fiberglass, they could make a mold of your center floorboard area, trim it cleanly, and then add holes for cup holders, in the fashion that you often see custom fiberglassed subwoofer enclosures. I hope I'm making sense. You could also conform it to the back of the center console, and that way allow for it to be mounted to the center console via double sided tape, or your hand warehouse of choice. Google "custom fiberglass cup holder" and "custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosure floor board" and you can probably imagine what I'm trying to get at.

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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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