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Folks, once again a recall or potential has been announced by the media before any single car manufacturer has identified which of their cars is impacted. I'm referring to the current air bag recall, previous air bag recall, half axle recall, etc. There was once a time when an owner's first knowledge of a recall would be a postcard in the mail. Those days are long gone. Now what we get is a report on your local and national nightly news that there is a recall but no further information. The reason there is no further information is simple - the recall is being advertised before the car manufacture has had a chance to identify the specific cars involved. This identification process can take anywhere from 60 days to 6 months, depending on how many potential vehicles are affected. The manufacturing records for every single car line must be reviewed during this process.

To make it worse, major recalls impose serious stresses on the supply chain. Not only does the manufacturer need to replace any parts they have on hand in order to continue new car production, they must also purchase extra parts to ship to dealerships for them to repair previously sold cars. This stress is exasperated by today's emphasis on just in time supply chain - spare inventory simple doesn't exist. We saw the results of this dynamic with the Cruze Half Axle recall - some people had to wait weeks for their cars to be repaired, and to make it worse, some dealerships have legal teams that have set dealership policies to not allow an owner to retrieve their car and continue driving it while waiting for parts. (Eddy - I think this is what happened to you.) Federal law prevents a car from being sold by a dealership if they know a recall hasn't been performed. To my knowledge, it does NOT prevent an existing owner from taking their car after being notified of a pending recall. However, some dealerships are excessively cautious in this area, especially after the NHTSA filed suit against two dealerships in Pennsylvania for selling used Cruzen that had not had the engine shield modification recall performed. Note: the car sales restriction only applies to your parent company's cars so a Toyota dealership can sell a used GM with pending recalls - it's a grey area here for a company like AutoNation that sells cars for multiple manufacturers at different dealerships.

Finally, a small number of CruzeTalk members will periodically receive notice that a recall is coming. It is up to the member whether or not they will post this information. If they do don't expect them to reveal their sources as their source may not be authorized to tell them about a pending recall.

So in summary, if you hear about a recall please be patient, especially if it's a media story. If it's a letter or postcard there is a good chance parts are available or will be shortly. The letter/postcard will say if parts are available. Also, if you get notice in the mail, make sure you take it in when you go talk to your dealership about it. We have had instances were members have this notice but their dealership service advisers are clueless - shouldn't happen but it does and may be a sign that the dealership's service department isn't very well run.

Finally, don't panic, take your towel, and thanks for all the fish.
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