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recall on china sold cruze & others

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like the title says. I wonder do we have the same engine as those in china? I would say nope

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thanks to the site I can't edit this so I must repost the real link. & on this site god forbid if I try & move this cursor & it blinks out of control & cant type right. this is why all my post look like **** I cant edit ****
What's a "crankcase valve"? Is that the PCV? The 1.4T has sure had it's share of issues with that.
Near as I can tell, the last generation (V-1) Cruze sold in China had a 1.5 naturally aspirated inline 4.

Generally a crankcase valve would be a PCV.....(Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve.......maybe was a stand alone metal design like all older cars used.

Same exact article appears over many different new sources on the net.

BEIJING (AP) — General Motors Co.'s main Chinese joint venture is recalling 2.2 million cars to deal with insufficient corrosion resistance on crankcase valves.
The recall was ordered after Shanghai-GM received complaints about engine damage, according to the country's product quality regulator. The automaker is a joint venture between GM and state-owned Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp.
The recall applies to Buick Excelle sedans and Chevrolet Cruzes, Epicas and Aveos. The product quality agency said GM will replace affected valves for free.
Sales by GM and its Chinese partners of GM-brand vehicles rose 5.2 percent last year to 3.6 million units."

Whatever, insufficient corrosion resistance on crankcase valves is, claim it is causing engine damage, but say they are only replacing this valve for free, what about the engine?

Insufficient corrosion resistance has been a problem with US made vehicles since 1949 when all the auto manufacturers quit adding nickel to sheet metal, claimed it was affecting new vehicle sales. Never been a recall on this, and the major reason for getting rid of a vehicle.

No matter how well you maintained your vehicle, like a timer in the sheet metal, would suddenly exploded into rust. Major reason for getting rid of our 04 Cavalier, nothing left of that unibody, and nothing left to weld new parts onto.

Banning studded snow tires in 1975 sure wasn't good, couldn't go anywhere, had to wait until the government poured salt all over the roads. Got into trouble with both my employer and the schools because they said we should leave earlier. On glare ice on roads that had a deep incline? Could slide down and go down 50 feet?

Was a battle to get my insufficient corrosion resistance rear calipers replaced, but refused to replace the brake pad brackets, a frequent job to remove and clean all the rust of these POS brackets. No recall on this.

Before I could pay to get parts electroplated to help this, but the EPA banned plating in this country.

No matter which way we turn, can't win, now saying salt is rusting out all of our bridges, we could have been killed on that I-35 bridge in Minneapolis, crossed it just two weeks before it fail down.

Sure doesn't help living in a country ran by idiots.

Traction control, an 89 cent microcontroller will never replace limited slip differentials, more idiots. Got me started again.

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