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So we bought this 2011 Eco cruze new......4.5 years later (driven regularly for 4) and at about 105,000 miles or so (out of warranty now)
After doing all the recalls over that time and fixing numerous smaller things....
I decide to loan the car to my in-laws for a few months while my reservist husband is in deployment..... thinking of helping them out, giving them a favor while they are visiting from out of state.

In the first month.... they get the car checked (just to make sure all is ok since they are driving their baby boy (who is nothing short from a miracle, being alive and well when being born at 23 weeks and 5 days) anyway.... brake pads were low and one of the rotor had to be changed.....ok, it's basic maintenance... changing the brake and the rotor that needed it, oil change.
The following week...... they loose braking power.....change the vaccum switch thing and the other part that goes with it (I don't remember the name).... car's computer is replaced as well following the latest recall
The following week..... issues with the transmission.... replace 2 components.....
Then, it worked..... 2 weeks
And yesterday.....the brakes are gone....again....

Not only are they now scared to drive it..... The car doesn't feel safe to me either, it is 2 hours away and I am not talking of the financial drain it is to have to fix all of it (and it's still going)......

Does anyone still have these issues despite the recalls ? (or are we the lucky ones)
But who borrows someone's car and then takes it to the Chevy Dealer to check it out. If they took it to the neighborhood guy perhaps they were taken for a ride. Who paid for this myriad of repairs? Honestly it sounds like neglect on your part even though they are responsible for repairs. What computer did they replace? I would have just returned the CRUZE to you when it first started falling apart.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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