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I just got me a 2012 cruze turbo. And I want to upgrade the multimedia system. There are many optons out there. Got any tips for me?
Welcme Aboard!:welcome:

Considering you did not tell us what you have already, I suggest you start here:

[h=1]Updated Quick and Dirty Mylink Upgrade DIY for Gen 1 Cruzes[/h]
[h=1]How I did the MyLink Wire Harness[/h]
[h=1]How To Disassemble Radio To Program VIN[/h]
Then after you finish that mod:

[h=1]The SQ Car Audio Thread V2[/h]
[h=1]XtremeRevolution's Subwoofer Boxes[/h]
That should get you a much better multimedia experience or if your daring, install an iPad and write a tutorial on how to do it for us.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and your Cruze here.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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