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Recommended maintenance @ 105000 kms (65K Miles)

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Holden Cruze 1.4 AT 2011 105000 kms (65K Miles).

Parts replaced so far
Battery (2015)
Turbo (2016)
Water pump (2016)
Oil pickup(2016)
Rocker cover (2016)
Coolant reservoir (2017)
Spark plugs (2017)

The latest (August 2017) being both O2 sensors as a result of a CEL diagnosis

It has been a very expensive “ride” so far. During my recent research I learnt that the oxygen sensors are a maintenance item usually needing to be replaced around the 80K mark wish I had known this beforehand. I am hoping to avoid any further breakdowns by carrying out any recommended/preventative maintenance where possible especially around the big ticket items like the transmission, engine, exhaust etc.

Currently the SatNav is playing up and also the clock setting doesn’t stick. Nobody seems to know why but this I can live with. Really just want to avoid any more expensive breakdowns so reaching out to the CruzeTalk community for help as always.

Thank you.
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The rocker cover has already been replaced so all good with the PCV system so far. The nipple is intact as well.

Does the timing chain or transmission need any maintenance at this stage?

Another thing I wanted to get some opinions on is the service intervals. The service manual states 15000 kilometres or 12 months. Just wondering what schedule others on this forum follow.
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