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So a couple problems with the recommended services.... Can't do a power steering flush as you don't have power steering fluid.... It's electric steering. You also don't have a fuel filter. If you do it's in the tank and it isn't a serviceable part. You also don't have an Allison transmission so I don't know how you're supposed to get an Allison service, and you don't have a transmission filter to be changed either. Honestly I wouldn't take it to this shop since they clearly don't know the vehicle. Also the PVC system is built into the valve cover and intake manifold. You don't replace it unless it goes. And an engine oil flush? Do they mean oil change?

Being a 2014 they are correct about the other services time wise. But let's be serious, do you really need to flush injectors that haven't been used? If that was the case you'd have to flush injectors that sit on the shelf for so many years that aren't sold.

If you're going based on time and milage (assuming your 2014 was bought in 2013). I'd say yes to the coolant flush (been 5 years), transmission flush (5 years), cabin filter (20,000km and they get dirty) and brake fluid flush (more than 2 years). Air filter entirely depends on whether or not you drive through dusty/dirty conditions. They can easily go to 40-50k in good conditions.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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