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I was only doing oil&filter change since I bought my car in Nov 2014, so based on the age of the car what are the recommended services ?
I've asked the dealership and they (different dealerships) recommend on 30k to do the following (not sure if that too much or should be done now based on the age not just mileage):

1. coolant flush
2. allison trans service
3. auto trans flush and service
4. fuel filter
5. pvc valve
6. air filter
7. engine oil flush
8. motor vac injection cleaning
9. power steering flush
10. brake system flush
I'm right with you on a 2014 low mileage CRUZE. I grew up getting those typical Dealer packages spending thousands of wasted dollars over the years. For some reason Chevy dealers are much more relaxed on servicing based on time and the CRUZE is a low maintenance car. Follow what's in your book and you'll see only an Oil change, a Cabin filter, and a Rotation is due. You have a different engine so again check your service booklet at the back and don't let them up sell you as they did me. I made out like a bandit with a free Oil change for voicing my displeasure on a 15K $129 Service which included alignment, a $100 value NOT needed and the machine was broken anyway, so they balanced my tires, nothing was wrong with them to begin with:blowup:
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Alignments are a maintanance item and should be done every year. YOu know. Potholes and such.

Tires should be rotated 10k miles max. They do the most wear and tear when you're in a turn.
Oh my God I knew I have been forgetting something for the past 44 years, NOT getting alignments unless needed?

What are the symptoms of improper wheel alignment?
– the steering wheel is off center when driving straight
– the vehicle pulls to one side when driving on a straight and level road
– the vehicle doesn't hold the road well, feels unstable, wanders from side to side
– tires screeching when turning
– tires wear unevenly

How often should the wheel alignment be done? For most cars, there is no specific requirements. Your mechanic will typically recommend doing the wheel alignment every two-three years. Often, the wheel alignment is recommended when new tires are installed. The alignment should be done more often if your car has wider tires or if it's a sporty car, e.g. Audi, BMW, Mazda 3, Nissan 370Z, etc. From our experience, we can tell that if you re-check the wheel alignment after a year or two of driving, usually it will be slightly off. If you hit a large bump, the alignment will most likely be off.
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