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Red line through GPS

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Hello all from Cincinnati. This is my first post to any forum and it is a couple questions. I have a 2013 Cruze LTZ with navigation and ON-Star. A few months ago, we have a red line through the GPS on the MyLink display screen. It does not show the car moving nor will it plot a course. Radio and everything else like blue tooth works fine. We took it to the dealer and they said it needed a new antenna and would cost around $400 to change the $40 antenna because of the labor in taking out the interior roof with a sun roof. (Same dealer that wanted to charge me $400 to replace my Cruise Control switch.:$#angry:) We have never used the ON-Star option.

What are my options here?
Is there an after market replacement I can use instead of going through the roof interior?
Is the radio antenna the same as the GPS antenna.

I've searched Google over and over and I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I’ve had the red line through GPS intermittently since my nav unit was replaced a few years ago. It seems to happen whenever it’s wet outside.

I went to my dealer and they dropped my headliner and replaced my exterior antenna under warranty. It didn’t resolve the problem.

When I raised it a second time my service advisor told me: “They all do that.” So I’ve been waiting until it completely fails before complaining about it again.

But I suspect the issue is with the box itself and not the exterior antenna.

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